Scenes from Barcelona | 01


I am back! In the matter of a single week I moved a whole year's worth of 'stuff' from London to France, before being whisked off straight from the airport, into the car to Barcelona . 3 countries in a day, 3 gigantic suitcases and a heavy heart. We arrived into this beautiful city just in time for tapas and a glass of wine.

DSC04875 DSC04881 DSC04873 DSC04879 DSC04970 DSC04975 DSC04901 DSC04979 barcelona3 DSC04919

We made the most out of the two full days we had in Barcelona - it was mostly a whirlwind of site visits including a few Gaudi monuments, stopping for tapas (mostly pan con tomate, manchego & serrano ham), visiting food markets, a little bit of shopping and a lot of walking! 

I couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was! I made sure to take in as much sunshine as I possibly could.. Some people were swimming and full on bikini sunbathing on the beach..! Which thinking about it now that we're back in France, sitting by the fire in my coziest sweater, seems completely unreal!

It turns out that taking this small 'blog break' was perfectly timed - I needed to step away for a while, taking everything in, enjoying some quality family time, taking a moment to think about the future & how I am going to adapt to this new chapter in my life. I am beyond excited about it all, but mostly I cannot wait to spend more time working on my blog & a few more projects. I'm filing notebooks with ideas, dreams and inspiration.. 

More Barcelona photos to come!