Selling my cameras & Ipods

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So this is the most boring post in the history of posts - but there's one more (less boring) coming shortly after this (I promise!)

As you know I've bought a new camera recently so I have decided to sell my Sony SLT-A37 with its 18-55mm lens, the battery, charger, memory card, various leads & manual. It is a great camera - most of the photos you've seen on this blog from January 2013 up until my 'Cheesy Weekend' post were taken with it. It also takes incredible HD videos. It is less than a year old & in perfect condition (I take great care of my cameras..!) I know a few of you have been asking what camera I use, so I thought I'd give you first dibs before putting it on Ebay & Amazon.

I am also selling my previous Sony DSC-H20 point and shoot, with battery, charger, memory card & USB lead - most photos since I've started this blog up until January 2013 have been taken with this camera. It's a great little camera for someone starting out with photography or someone who needs a point & shoot to carry in their handbag, it's small, light and takes good pictures!

Finally, I'm letting go of my two iPods - one iPod touch third generation (not pictured) & this pretty little iPod Nano (also 3rd generation).

Feel free to contact me on if you want to have more information on either of these, including prices & more photos. Maybe you know someone who's interested? I'd love if they all went to a good home!