I'm Tania, 

I'm a day dreamer, I love life & treasure it like nothing else. I'm the weird one always taking pictures, I have blurry eyesight, I'm addicted to tea & chocolate. My favourite time of the year is christmas, but then when I think about it I really love summertime, I'm indecisive.

I've always been one to journal everything - which is the main reason behind this blog, the second reason is the fact that when I was 18 I moved out of home in the South of France to start University in Kent, England. I wanted to share my adventure with my family & friends, so I grabbed a camera & started writing.
I still write in my journal when feelings are overflowing.

I love food, picking it, cooking it & eating it. I'm no city girl, I grew up between the mountains & the fields surrounded by a sea of animals. I am a serious wanderluster, travelling & discovering new places brings me immense joy. I love hard, I think that those tummy butterflies are the real deal, French is my first language but english comes close second, but really if I'm being honest my best language is Frenglish.

I am an almost recovered Law graduate, I very recently quit my day job & moved out of London to go back to the South of France - I will be staying here for the next few months before moving to Sydney, Australia, to start a new adventure.

Things I like : books, walking barefoot, candlelit dinner parties, sunrises, tea time, bright lipstick, chocolate in most of its forms, christmas, fairy lights, the earthy forest smell, summer, picnics,  swimming, fresh flowers, horse riding, kitchen dance parties, fashion, feather duvets, fat cats, the golden hour, long naps, love, experimenting in the kitchen, cheese, making new friends, cashmere sweaters, berries.

Things I dislike : gross insects, dishonesty, letting people down, jealousy, coriander, hearing bad news, gin, cruelty & badly designed websites.

I did this fun little interview if you want to know more - you can have a look over there...